”Insist on Buying Fuel in Litres” – CPA Advises


The Consumer protection Agency of Ghana has advised Ghanaians to insist on buying fuel in litres anytime there visit and fuel station.

The Agency believes this is the best remedy in the present moment after revelations by the Ghana standard Authority that 57 OMC’S in Accra has altered their pumps to cheat unsuspecting Ghanaians.

A release signed by Nana Prempeh Okogyeabour, head of programs and research revealed that several OMC’S in Accra alter the Cedi running metre of the pump whiles they leave the litre metre running intact since it’s the litre section they use to calculate the amount of fuel sold by each attendant at a point in a time.

The statement therefore advised that consumers desist from buying fuel in Cedis and rather notify pump attendants that they are buying in litres because they could adjust the cedi meter easily but not the litre aspect.

”At the station, tell the attendant you want to buy let’s say 10 litres, look at the PRICE for the day and multiply the price by the litre you want and pay the amount. Anything above this is cheating”, it said.

The consumer protection agency also called on the Ghana standard Authority to name and Shame the 57 OMC’ S and their directors so as to serve as a deterrent to others.


Source: otecfmghana.com


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