Suntreso hospital: Man of God to sue the hospital after losing wife, unborn baby


The husband of a 30-year-old pregnant woman who died with her unborn baby at the Suntreso Government Hospital in Kumasi because he could not immediately pay a GHS500 ‘doctor motivation fee’ has said he will sue the doctor involved and the hospital for medical negligence.

He is blaming the death of his 30-year old wife, Angela Afriyie Agyemang and his baby on negligence on the part of health workers who were on duty when she went into labour.

Pastor Solomon Lamour Latif of the House of Faith Ministry in Kumasi, who spoke to OTECNEWS, said he had taken his wife to the hospital on 3 July when she started experiencing labour pangs after her due date had elapsed by a week.

“The funeral is this Saturday [14 July 2018] and when everything is done, I’ll definitely sue the doctor and the hospital for medical negligence,” Pastor Solomon Lamor Latif Agyemang told OTEC FM on Tuesday, 10 July 2018.

The doctor on duty, Dr Sarpong, he said, demanded GHS500 from him as motivation fee before he could do a Caesarean Section (CS) on his wife.

Pastor  Lamour Latif who was expecting his first child after one and half years of marriage narrated how health workers on duty at the Suntreso Government Hospital left his pregnant wife who was in deep pain to her fate to die.

“We realized the pain was getting worse. I went to them again and said, madam, I do not know what kind of cleaning you are doing… look at the pain that my wife is going through, but one woman told me that the one they finished treating before my wife was even more severe than my case so I should stop what I am doing. I should even leave the place. I went straight to the doctor and said; doctor, you told me this case is an emergency. Long after that, he entered the theatre and immediately he entered the theatre, they took my wife inside and long after she was taken inside they came and called me and I was marched into the theatre only to realize that my wife is gone.”

“He asked for motivation fee. I asked how much they take and he told me they take GHC 500. Initially, I was bargaining with him, but I realized there was no sense in bargaining with him. I only want the life of my wife and that of the baby so he should go ahead and do it when he is done everything will be given to him and the truth of the matter is he did not ask for the money before doing the CS. He told me that he will take the money when he is done. I have come to understand that someone was taken in instead of my wife, meaning there was some overtaking somewhere.”

Pastor Lamour Latif, who says he is disappointed in the country’s health system threatened that  he will take on the hospital over the death of his wife and baby.

“For now, I must say the truth that I am not myself to be doing these things, but after we are done with everything, I will make sure I take legal action against them.”

Meanwhile, the Authorities at the Suntreso Government Hospital in Kumasi have set up an independent committee to investigate the circumstances that led to the death of that pregnant woman, who was allegedly denied entry in Labour Ward by some health workers there.

The Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Agyarko Poku told OTEC NEWS’ Kwasi Acheampong, the committee has one week to investigate the issues and present a recommendation to the management in line with its findings, for immediate action.

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