NDC out of touch with economic realities –Political Scientist

dr-richard-amaoko-baahComments by government communicators about the economy of the country demonstrate that they have lost touch with the actual economic situation in the country, Dr Richard Amoako Baah a Former Head of Political Science at KNUST, has said.

According to him, the campaign promises of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) ahead of the December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections are unrealistic and unachievable.

President John Mahama, during his presentation of the highlights of the NDC’s 2016 manifesto on Tuesday September 13, made 130 promises as he bids for a second term of office. He indicated that Ghana’s economic transformation will take off next year if he is re-elected for another four-year term.

But speaking on the campaign promises made by the president in an interview with Nana Ampratwum, host of OTEC FM’S 102.9 DWABREM programme on Wednesday, September 14, Dr Amoako Baah said: “We have to be realistic in our promises and I want to believe that one thing that the NDC could actually do is…performance analysis of its own governance, analyse the variance. You wanted to achieve this, you couldn’t. What were the reasons? That will inform the kind of promises they will make going forward because Ghanaians are not looking for high-level promises which, really, I don’t think we will be able to achieve. I think we want a government that will be realistic, a government that will say this is how far we can go and this is the level of efficiency that we will want to bring to bear.

Dr Amoako Baah added: “…I don’t think that they (NDC) are being realistic. Sometimes I get the impression that their understanding of the economy, with all due respect…the way they talk sometimes I don’t think they are really on the ground. I don’t want to blame the president here because the president doesn’t need to know everything. His advisors (and) economic team should be able to be realistic and be frank with (him) as to what is actually achievable given our resource constraints.

“President Mahama can do well by assuring Ghanaians that when it comes to efficiency, corruption, these are things that (he is) actually going to deal with in (his) second term because that is where Ghana’s problem is. Ghana’s problems are the level of inefficiency, the level of corruption, public sector attitude to work, the lack of performance indicators and how to measure it, the wastage in the public sector culminating in a huge wage bill, any government that will come and cannot put a hold on these things cannot do well.”


Source OTECNEWS 102.9mhz Kumasi, the Pride of Ashanti



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