NPP rates Mahama ‘F’ in fight against corruption

pppPresident Mahama has been rated ‘F’ in his attempts at fighting corruption in the country by the New Patriotic Party (NPP). A US-based policy think tank,The Heritage Foundation in its 2016 economic freedom index, earlier observed that although Ghana had made significant progress in areas such as rule of law, the country was still struggling with the fight against corruption.

Speaking on the findings, Manager of the Nana Addo 2016 Campaign, Peter Mac Manu, told OTECNEWS that President Mahama has to do more to fight the canker.

“I think that as a Ghanaian my level of living is going down so if you tell me that we are above Ivory Coast and Ivory Coast having come out of war , their level of living is getting better that is the issue.

Everybody wants to live a better  life. It is not the indexes we are talking about.I think President’s Mahama’s rating in the fight of corruption is F.”

But a leading member of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), E. T. Mensah in a rebuttal indicated that the fight against corruption cannot be easily won. The Ningo-Pramprah Member of Parliament believes it will require a collective effort from all to fight the canker “The  fight against corruption is a process, it is not an event.

It started from somewhere and it is still going on and governments have come and governments will go and come and this will continue.

Like President Kufuor said sometime ago. Corruption days from  Adam so for me like President said sometime ago, corruption days from Adam. We just need to ensure that all of us fight corruption at all levels and we should see it as a process and not an event.”

Source- OTECFM, KUMASI, Story by Protocol and CJ

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