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Deer bursts through window of computer repair shop



A computer repair shop in North Carolina received an unexpected visitor when a deer went crashing through the window.

Expert PC in Elizabeth City shared video of the deer bursting through the 8-inch wide window before wandering about the empty store.

Store owner Steve Baker told WVEC the deer was small enough that it did not trigger the store’s security motion censors, but police informed him of the damage to the window.

Baker said the deer managed to leave the store through the same window, but caused damage to some of the equipment and ruined the store’s carpet.

An update confirmed that no customer systems were damaged, but the deer did cause an estimated $5,000 of damage to the store.

Baker said deer are not common in the area and had never caused a problem for the shop in the past.

“That [deer] is the first one I have ever seen in town,” he said. “They usually stay out but we are right across the street from a wooded area with fields.”


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