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Floods cut off community of Sepaase



Residents of Sepaase-Adwafo in the Ashanti Region have been left stranded after a heavy downpour resulted in floods that prevented entry to, or movement from, the community.

Emmanuel Asubonteng, Secretary of the Unit Committee, explained to OTEC News,Nana Ama Agyemang on Wednesday October 12 that heavy rains the previous day flooded the main road leading to Adwafo, a nearby community.

“There is an overflow of the river and the bridge on the main roads that link the community cannot be used by cars. No one is going or coming and the whole community has come to a standstill,” he explained.

He indicated that it was the sixth time such a situation had been recorded in the area within the last three months.

According to him, pupils and workers moving out of the community to various destinations are stuck in their homes with only heavy trucks able to move some residents across the bridge.

“Workers and school children are just behind the river banks and nobody can cross,” he added.

He was worried about the consequences of the situation stressing that “in the event of a pregnant woman being in labour or an emergency situation that will need travelling to the other side, it could be disastrous”.

He said the District Chief Executive (DCE) had been briefed on the issue in the past months but an action is yet to be taken to solve the recurring problem.

Source:otecfm102.9,Kumasi;story by Nana Ama Agyemang.

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