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Two Halls Clashed At U_G



The matriculation ceremony of the University of Ghana was nearly marred after students of both Commonwealth and Mensah Sarbah Halls clashed Saturday.

The incident was triggered by an alleged manhandling of a resident of Mensah Sarbah hall by a group of students from Commonwealth hall.

The Sarbah Hall student was slapped by the group after he claimed his wall was superior to Commonwealth hall.

Some residents of Sarbah hall did not treat the news likely resulting in a closed door meeting attended by selected students to plan a hit back.

The  students of Sarbah hall exacted their revenge when they hurled stones at first year students of Commonwealth hall who were processing to the ground of 2016/2017 academic year matriculation.

Tapping into their rivalry with Sarbah hall, some second and third year students of Commonwealth hall reacted resulting in the clash.

Muskets were fired by students of both halls as they chant war songs aimed at inciting their members.

Tension peaked when some students clad in T-shirts of Katanga hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) were spotted fighting on the side of Sarbah hall.

Commonwealth hall students were displeased accusing Sarbah hall students of deliberately setting students of Katanga hall, whom they considered their “enemies,” against them.

They set fire to a vehicle parked in front of Sarbah hall.

The Legon District Police Command and the Fire Service were called to the scene to help restore calm.

Meanwhile, school authorities say they would investigate circumstances leading to the clash and punish perpetrators.


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