Woman jail for making noise during sex


A woman has been jailed after putting her neighbours through “living hell” with her NOISY sex.

Amanda Warfel, 25, Pennsylvania, US,  was ordered to spend up to 90 days in prison after her lovemaking was so loud it shook furniture in the neighbours home.

As reported by the Daily Express , Warfel admitted disorderly conduct and harassment following a sexually based “campaign of disturbance” against a neighbouring family.

Neighbours said the 25-year-old made their life “a living hell as her room” as noisy sex shook furniture in their children’s bedroom

Warfel from Pennsylvania, US, was handed the sentence for threats and her late night romping and music in a bedroom connect to room shared by her neighbour’s teenage daughters.

The Saylor family who live next door and have four children aged between nine and 18, said they were relieved after the two year campaign.

They said: “It’s been pretty terrible. … She just makes life a living hell. It’s got to stop.”

“They [the children] don’t sleep well at night.

District Judge John Fishel ordered the 25-year-old to pay court costs, saying he was “not going to put them on the taxpayers”.

Warfel was warned not to have contact with her neighbours under any circumstance.

The judge also heard that Warfel wished her neighbours were there so she could apologise.

Source:Daily Expres

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