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img_20161102_145533On the 11th November every year the worldcelebrates this day, known as Remembrance Day or Poppy Day.

On the 11th November 1918, the warring factions in the first world war came to an agreement to end the war. This agreement was signed by Briatain, the USA and France on one side and Japanese and the Germans on the other. This treaty or agreement is known as the Armistice. This was contended in an excusive interview with the Ashanti regional secretary of the vetrans administration Ghana (VAG) WO 1 Aboagye Dacosta.

He added  It was in 1915 in the heat of the first world war the Lt Col John McCrae, a Canadian millitary surgeon wrote a poem in which he used the poppy to signify the end of the war and pleaded that the poppy be worn to honour the fallen dead. In one the verses he wrote, “Tell them this, if ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep” He added.img_20161102_145835

The Ashanti regional VAG secratary further narreted  European countries notably the France and the British started wearing the poppy as far back as 1921 and Royal British Legion started selling the poppy to raise funds for those who had been incapacitated by the war. Veteran organizations worldwide joined in the campagn to raise funds for the war disabled through the sale of the poppies.

After world war II, the UK proposed to her allies that Armistice Day be renaamed Remembrance Day to commemorate those who died in both world war I and II. It has been so since.

However a section of the Ghanain populace have shared their opinion with OTEC news reporter Isaac Nsiah Foster on how they  remember their war vetrans.  Novemberimg_20161102_145835

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