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Cater for the Destitute and Mentally ill – Ghanaians

Ghanaians have expressed concerns over the increasing number of  mentally ill people in almost every regional capital and called on the incoming government to house them, and rid streets of these lunatics.

Some of these people though appear very calm on the streets, however create inconveniences and sometimes litter the streets, after able men and women of Zoomlion have finished tidying up the streets in the morning.

Some Ghanaians who spoke to otec fm called on the incoming government under Nana Akufo-Addo to rescue the destitute and  rid the streets of lunatics.

They appealed to the incoming government to construct asylums in the various regions and towns to house lunatics who roam our streets.

According to them such places will afford these lunatics food, shelter and medical attention.
They believe these lunatics take away the beauty of our streets and sometimes cause a lot of trouble to drivers and pedestrians and as such, taking them off the streets will restore the beauty of our streets.

Others are very rowdy, terrorizing pedestrians, particularly women and other road users, as well as street hawkers.

Some of the male lunatics are fond of tapping women’s buttocks, thereby creating discomfort for many women.

There are scavengers among these lunatics, who go round picking anything they set their eyes on, and dump it sometimes in the middle of the street, and in front of people’s shops and offices, while others too steal from petty traders on the streets.

Among these troublesome mentally ill people, are those who sometimes serve a self-imposed traffic warden, with a cane in hand, and sometimes strike vehicles with it.

The public is calling on the Assemblies and the Department of Social Welfare to, as a matter of urgency, do something about the increasing number of mentally ill taking over the streets of  to help maintain the safety and cleanliness of the town.

According to the public, the earlier these people are taken off the streets and sheltered, the better, because no one knows when one of them will go the extreme and fatally injure a member of the public.





Source: Joel Arthur (otec fm)

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