Don’t judge me by my movies – Socrate Sarfo

Controversial film producer, Socrate Sarfo has urged his critics not to judge him based on the movies he has produced.

He is making the appeal following criticisms that he is not fit to be appointed Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture amid rumours that he could be considered for the position.

In an interview with Joy News’ Doreen Avio, the filmmaker explained that his movie ‘Hot Fork’, one of the many movies he has received a lot of flak for, is not a pornographic movie and should not be identified as such.

According to him, the movie is a detective one and the title only a strategy to generate more sales.

“When you look at my works, people judge me wrongly and I like it because I market it well. That tells you that I have a strategy of creating attention. You watch the movie ‘Hot Fork’ and you can tell that it’s a detective film and has nothing to do with pornography,” he said.

The filmmaker explained that the industry needs someone who is tough and also stands firm to make decisions that will go a long way to push the industry forward, which makes him believes he is the right man for the job.

Movie producer and actor Bob Smith Jnr in a recent interview with Joy News alluded that Mr Sarfo passes for the job of a Deputy Minister despite the genre of movies he makes.

Mr Smith Jnr, also known as ‘Diabolo Man’, believed every filmmaker has the kind of movies he/she makes which serves as a communication between the filmmaker and the audience.

He noted that Mr Sarfo as a filmmaker makes so many movies which may not be the ‘taste’ of some people.

The ‘Diabolo Man’ added that the kind of movies Socrates makes should not deny him the opportunity to become the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts.

“For me, it’s not a movie or two that somebody would have made as a filmmaker that will deter his integrity but the communication it has had with the impact of the public,” he said.






Source: myjoyonline

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