Pastor laughs off charges over Mugabe death prophesy

A detained Zimbabwean pastor has laughed off charges of “insulting people of a certain race or religion” by prophesying that President Robert Mugabe 92, will die on 17 October, his lawyer has told BBC Africa.

Gift Mtisi said that Pastor Patrick Mugadza of the Remnant Church was in good spirits when he met him in jail following his arrest in the capital, Harare, yesterday.

He added that the pastor was likely to appear in court tomorrow, and will plead not guilty if the charges are put to him:

”I’m still at pains to find the criminal part of it.”

Mr Mtisi said the pastor had no regrets “at all” for making the prophesy:

”He’s admitting to the facts. He says he didn’t lie – that’s a message from God. Police will have to prove God didn’t say it.”

Mr Mtisi said police had changed the charges “like chameleons”.

Pastor Mugadza was initially charged with undermining the authority of the president, then “criminal nuisance” and finally “insulting people of a certain race or religion”.

Mr Mtisi said he discussed the charges with the pastor:

”He was laughing and saying: ‘These people are desperate.’ I’m sure he’ll come out [of jail].”

The pastor made the prophecy public last week, alleging that God told him, while he was praying on 26 December, that Mr Mugabe would die on 17 October, media reports say.

Mr Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980, will turn 93 next month.






Source: BBC

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