We can’t allow Jammeh stay in Gambia – Barrow

President of The Gambia, Adama Barrow, has said that he wish former leader Yahya Jammeh, will leave the country to enable him govern smoothly. According to him, Jammeh’s stay in the Gambia under his presidency, will make governance very difficult. Speaking to Aljazeera after his inauguration, Mr. Barrow said under the circumstances, Jammeh cannot be allowed to stay in The Gambia.

“Under the circumstances, we cannot allow him [Jammeh] stay in The Gambia. It will make our job difficult. That is why all our negotiations is towards he leaving The Gambia.”

He added that, although he wishes Jammeh should not be allowed to stay in the country, he could return at a later time. “We can let him come back; but as at now, the political climate does not allow that.”

In his message to Yahya Jammeh, Mr Barrow said, “We are the children of the same generation, myself and Yahya Jammeh.

And we have made history together, so I’ll advise him to accept everything in good fate and give peace a chance. It is about democracy”





Source: BBC

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