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Man 28 Confesses to sleeping with more than 100 girls

A 28-year-old son of a renowned prophetess of a local church at Goaso in the Asunafo North Municipal of the Brong Ahafo region, Mr. Ishmael Okyere Quiadoo has confessed to having slept with over 100 girls around the country.

Ishmael Okyere Quiadoo who now claims to be a man of God is therefore asking for the forgiveness of all the women he slept with, ghanaians and the almighty God.

According to him, he decided to have is a short nap in the afternoon around 3pm on a bench under a tree after playing cards with some friends, when he entered into a dream.

“in the dream, i died and appeared in a huge room in which a very deep pit of fire appeared before me and i fell into it…. …. i met many people in the pit who were suffering and i was shown a video of all my sexual escapades with the many girls and women i encountered…..Many of the people there were sentenced into a huge lake of fire but i was asked to return to life and given 14 days to publicly confess and ask for forgiveness for all the immoral acts i had committed” he lamented.

”I was flogged by an invisible cane when i asked to begin my public confession in Accra because they thought i was acting stubborn and one of the men in charge made me sign a contract with a feather pen with blood as ink to begin my public confession from Gaoso .”

He revealed that he slept with about 25 girls in his own church but was not sure if he ever slept with married women because some of the encounters were so quick that he could not make time to ask whether they were married or not.
Ishmael Okyere Quiadoo claims to be a changed man and is willing to confess and ask for forgiveness on any platform or media if given the opportunity because he has been tasked to do so in his dream by a divine power.






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