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Deploy armed forces to wipe out armed robbers

The Charismatic Bishop’s Conference of Ghana, has charged government to deploy the Ghana Armed Forces to wipe out armed robbery in the country.

“The Ghana Armed Forces exist to protect and defend the citizens of Ghana from aggression, from invasion, from attacks and from enemies,” said a communiqué from the Charismatic Bishop’s Conference, asking “If our nation cannot deal with armed robbery, how would we deal with the very serious threat of terrorism if it were to come to Ghana?”

The Charismatic Bishops’ Conference, which was founded by Bishop Dag Heward Mills, continued that “If  armed  robbery  is  not  dealt  with,  the  nation  will  be  filled  with armed  individuals  and  increasingly  become  a  more  dangerous  place to live in.”

As a result, the group has urged president Akufo-Addo, the commander-in-chief of the Ghana Armed Forces to release helicopters, army vehicles, superior military equipment and highly trained officers of the “Ghana Armed Forces to be involved with wiping out armed robbery.”

The communiqué added that Ghana had been known for years as a peaceful nation in which people  freely went out at night and felt safe on the roads wherever they were—but 60-years-on that has changed as there are numerous incidents of robberies and rapes across the nation.








Source: starrfmonline

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