495 allied health professionals get financial clearance

Government has finally given financial clearance to about 495 members of the Coalition of Unposted Allied Health professionals.

The group had spent Monday night at the Health Ministry sleeping on bare floor and benches as they accused the government of showing bad faith in addressing their concerns.
According to the group, the Ministry of Health has continuously failed to recruit them after the completion of their national service in August 2016.
All assurances by government represented by deputy Health Minister, Tina Mensah on Monday that their issues would be addressed as soon as possible fell on deaf ears.
The group who continued their protest at the ministry burst into excitement Tuesday evening when the deputy minister emerged with documents proving that the Finance Minister has cleared them for posting.
The jubilant health workers ended their protest immediately and disappeared from the ministry with their luggage that they brought to the ministry bent on securing this victory.
An executive member of the Coalition of Unposted Allied Health Professionals said they are excited the government has kept to its words this time after several disappointments. He was grateful to the deputy Health Minister.
Source: 3news
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