GRIDCo hints of power interruptions due to galamsey & Nigeria gas supply shortfalls

The Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) has listed illegal mining and the erratic gas supply from Nigeria as a major dampener on its ability to transmit power efficiently to consumers.
The national power production company maintains that it can no longer rely on the supply of natural gas from Nigeria through the West African Gas Pipeline as a major source for transmission of electric power.
Speaking to a group of senior media personnel at GRIDCo Plant in Tema, Ing William Amuna, the Chief Executive Officer of GRIDCo, said, “Currently we do not look forward to gas from Nigeria as a constant source power.
If it comes through the pipes, fine we are happy; but we cannot put our hearts and minds to it due t o the erratic supply.”
The supply of natural gas from Nigeria ever since the WAGP came into force has not been less than commendable with unscrupulous persons constantly damaging the pipes. Ing.
Amuna also listed the unbridled illegal mining (galamsey) activities across the country, especially within forest zones housing high tension cables, as a major threat to the power situation in the country.
“Some of the areas such as the Atiwa forest in the Eastern Region are heavily impacted such that the stability of our high tension cables could be affected anytime causing severe power loss situations for the nation.”
He explained that the illegal miners are armed and have posed a major threat to their operations. “Consequently, we will in the next couple of days initiate a safety audit of our lines across the country in collaboration with the Ghana Army, where galamsey operations are rampant.”
Ing Amuna also mentioned the issue of fuel security, frequent interruptions in gas supply from Ghana Gas Company and the age-long problem of low reservoir level at the Akosombo Dam.
“The problems of failure of some generating units across a number of the generating plants are also a major challenge we need to address if GRIDCo is to be able to transmit adequate power to all.”

Source: 3news
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