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48-year old man jailed for defilement

Paa Kwesi Antwi, a 48-year old unemployed man who defiled a 14-year old girl continuously at Taifa Burkina, has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court.

Charged with defilement, Antwi pleaded guilty. Antwi repeatedly defiled the victim under the pretext of sending the victim on errands on her way to school.

On October 21, last year, when he appeared before the court he denied the offence and prosecution commenced trial by calling three witnesses in the matter.

At today’s sitting Mr George Asamani in this submission to the Court said the accused did not understood the plea taken by the court earlier on and would like the court to retake that again.

The Court presided over by Mrs Abena Oppong Adjin-Doku convicted him on his own plea, adding she was aware of the trauma the victim had suffered by enduring  the sexual act  from the accused almost every day.

According to the court this was not a matter that it should exercise its discretion in favour of the accused, but considering the fact that accused person had not wasted the court’s time, it therefore sentenced Antwi to 15 years imprisonment.

Prosecuting Detective Inspector Kofi Atimbire said the complainant is a trader residing with the victim at Taifa Burkina in Accra.

Antwi aka Parker also resides at Taifa and knows the victim and the route she uses to school.

When going to school, prosecution said Antwi would accost the victim and asked her siblings to take the lead to school while he made the victim to run errands for him.

Prosecution said Antwi in the process would demand sex but the victim declined and informed Antwi that she would tell her mother.

Inspector Atimbire said Antwi got angry and threatened to kill the victim and her siblings should she refused his demands.

According to Atimbire, from February last year to June last year, Antwi would accost the victim to his house and insert his finger into the victim’s vagina in a master bedroom.

Prosecution said during those periods, Antwi had sex with her and anytime she refused accused person would assault her.

The victim experienced some pains and bleeding through her vagina but declined to inform anyone.

On October 12, last year the accused had sex with the victim again and since she could not put up with accused conduct, informed her mother who on October 16, 2016, reported the matter to the Police.

A formal complaint was lodged with the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit, Madina, and accused person was arrested while a medical form was issued to the victim to seek medical attention.


Source: GNA 

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