Operation Vanguard not responsible for deaths – Atiwa Youth

A group calling itself the Atiwa Youth Association has called on the police to undertake thorough investigation to fish out the cause of death of four men found in a galamsey pit in Akukuso, a suburb of Kwabeng in the Atiwa West District of the Eastern Region.
A release from the association explained that publications circulating in both main stream and social media may have been twisted to give bad name to the taskforce commissioned by government to weed out illegal miners.
It said although they as an association cannot independently confirm those who were behind the killings, it is only advisable the police hierarchy looks into the matter and brings it to logical conclusion.
“We are entreating the general public to ignore the claim that the death was caused by the anti-galamsey taskforce.
According to them, the taskforce have not operated in the district since the last three days and they suspect the perpetuators thought of doing that for Ghanaians to attribute it to the taskforce.
“When the mortal remains of the alleged galamseyers were found, there was no sign of gunshot on their bodies.”
The group believes that this allegation by the media is whimsical and was orchestrated by the opposition to win a political point.
”Simple logic will tell us that, under no circumstances will an armed military officer lay down his ammunition to fight someone he deem a treat by hands”, the release said.
The association urged Ghanaians to deem the quest by the government to halt galamsey a national task.
”We need to protect the environment for generations to come just as our forefathers did for us”.





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