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CEO calls for ‘One School One Nurse’

The Chief Executive Officer of Nana Afia Kobi Sewaa Ampem II Nursing Training college, Mr Owusu King has proposed that there should be at least one Nurse in every school to administer first aid to ailing students.

According to him, providing a clinic in every school to employ one Nurse will save lives and also create employment to reduce Nurses unrest in the country.

“We want every school in Ghana to get one Nurse, first in history, there are some big schools who don’t have people to give first aid and though government is suffering, there are a lots of jobs government can provide the private sector.” he said.

“If every school is going to get one nurse, it will create Jobs for 37,000 thousand youth and if 37000 youth are employed, the government will be relieved from the burden of unemployment for peace and development to prevail,” he stressed.

“We thank God that Nana Akufo Addo has introduced free SHS and I believe it should be followed by the introduction of ‘one school one Nurse’ to employ graduate nurses from private nursing institutions who will be paid from PTA dues,” he added.

He claims the proposal will prevent the new trend of unemployed Nurses picketing and crying for jobs at the health ministry adding that, ”if anybody says there are no jobs, he is lying, there are jobs which we can be made better to bring satisfaction,” he said.

Mr Owusu King made this revelation in an interview with Kwaku Anane Jr. at the 3rd graduation ceremony of the Nana Afia Kobi Sewaa Ampem II Nursing Training college.

About 160 students graduated.


Source: Anane Jr.

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