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NDC must unite around values not persons – Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has advised that the National democratic Congress in it’s bid to unite the party for victory in the 2020 elections does so around values and not around personalities.

”Yes we need to come together but around personalities or around issues, you know, around values I think that will make the difference. Lets unite around the old values then i think we will be making some progress,” he emphasized.

Mr Rawlings stated that he would be happy to see the NPP beaten but questioned if the NDC has what it takes or the capacity to be able to wrestle power from the New Patriotic Party.

”That is the issue we should be addressing, we should be looking at this question a lot more seriously than we have done so far,” he added.

According to the former president, there are quite a few things to be done to get the NDC organized for the 2020 elections which includes cleaning up the party to restore it’s integrity to ensure their readiness to win election 2020.

”They don’t like to hear it, but i keep repeating, we have to go back cease the moral high ground and i believe we know what we have to do but i don’t think we are prepared to confront it or that’s what i have noticed about some of our people,” he told Tv3.

He however stressed on the need for the NDC to embark on an empowerment process to hand the party over to the grassroots, adding that, the fortunes of the party depends on them.

”Let’s respect their views, let’s respect their pains, their sensitivities and get back to the moral high ground that is the money factor, lets get back to the respect of our values,” he added.


Source: otecfmghana.com

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