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Pharmacists warn Ghanaian youth against Tramadol use

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana has expressed concerns over the rising intake of Tramadol among youth of Ghana. It says even though the drug has been approved in Ghana, the strengths in circulation is more than the prescribed 50mg and 100mg oral capsules.
A statement issued by the Society’s President, Njamin Botwe, said the proliferation of the drug “has the tendency to threaten the gains made in the provision of healthcare in the country”.
Tramadol is a prescription-only medicine used to treat moderate to severe pain. When taken, it works on the nervous system and the brain to reduce the feeling of pain.
There are many different forms, strengths and brands of Tramadol. Some are immediate release formulations that start working quickly to ease the pain, while others are sustained or delayed release thus releasing the active moiety, Tramadol more slowly, over several hours, to provide a constant and more even pain control.
“It has been noted in Ghana that, this high dose tramadol is mostly found in highly populated and concentrated areas including markets and lorry stations in some parts of the country.”
The Society asked addicts to seek help. It cautioned “the youth who take it for recreation because of its euphoric effect to stop, as the long-term implication could have dire consequences on their health”.
It said it should only be taken on a medical doctor’s prescription. “We therefore call on the general public to report any sale of tramadol outside of licensed pharmacies to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)/ Pharmacy Council offices across the country while also calling on teachers, parents and care-givers to be on the lookout for suspected behaviors of their students, children and wards.
“For patients who are receiving treatment with prescribed tramadol, we wish to encourage you to always present your prescriptions at licensed Pharmacies and demand to speak with the Pharmacist on the dangers and possible side effects of tramadol before taking it.”

Source: otecfmghana.com
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