Minority is a ‘confused’ entity – Sam Pyne.

Mr Samuel Pyne at OTEC FM Studio

Ashanti Regional Secretary for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Samuel Pyne has described the Minority in Parliament as a ‘confused’ group, with no focus on how to help move the country forward.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with OTEC fm’s Evans Agyei Sikapa, Sam Pyne stated that the Minority in recent times has concerned them self with irrelevant issues which does not contribute or have any positive impact on the nation’s building.

He cited an example of the Minority’s walk out of Parliament over claims of bias against the Speaker of the House’s decision to forward the motion on the AMERI deal to the House’s Mines and Energy Committee without any debate.

“If they think they are clean on the AMERI power deal, why have they decided to go to court to stop Parliament from investigating the deal, the walking out of Parliament will not stop the Majority from investigating them,” he said.

He says the National Democratic Congress (NDC) minority in Parliament should keep the government on its toes by identifying issues which the governing party might be doing wrong but otherwise.

He believes the minority only want their voices to be heard by Ghanaians to showcase that they exist which to him makes no sense.

“Minority is only concern of ordinary politics and that is not how minority should act, they must be up and doing, and stop this cheap political games, “he added.

Source, otecfmghana.com/Evans Agyei Sikapa


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