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It is common saying, that they that seek equity ought to come with clean hands. It is therefore ironic that former President Mahama will be the one talking about what is “419” and what is not.

Is this the same President that openly touted his insensitivity to the plight of the Ghanaian with his infamous “dead goat” speech?

After suprintending a very corrupt, divisive and an incompetent government thereby leading the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to a disastrous first round defeat in the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, many were those who thought you will coil in your shell, take a breather and ponder on your failures and perhaps make restitution.

But No! Because you believe that indeed “Ghanaians have short memories,” you come pontificating in that which is right and that which is not. You talk about Ayisi Boateng? Amazing! When Stan Dogbe attacked journalists and smashed their recorders and when the entire media fraternity signed a petition for his sacking what did you do?

Did the Flagstaff House not become a haven for officials deemed to have been engaged in corruption? You remember Elvis Afriyie Ankrah and the Brazil debacle? You talk about firmness? I believe one of the firm decisions you took was granting the ‘Muntie 3’ amnesty even against the collective revulsion of the Ghanaian People.

You have soon forgotten how you openly insulted, labelled and tagged the people of Kumasi as ungrateful in May, 2014?

“If we build roads with gold, Ashantis won’t appreciate” – Mahama. For a President to make such unwarranted comment called for an unqualified apology but you never did. To this day, that statement stands to your eternal shame.

All Ghanaians experienced Ghana under your tenure as President and we are experiencing a working Ghana under President Akufo Addo’s tenure. The difference is clear. The development of Ghana remains Nana Addo’s topmost priority and these distractions will rather energize and motivate him and his able appointees to work for the good people of Ghana. Ghana is working again for the good of all.

I am sure President Akufo-Addo is willing to take lessons on morality. But from where the lesson comes, matters. I doubt that you qualify to pontificate on same.

Source: otecfmghana.com/ Gyamerah Louis

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