Embattled diplomat retracts, apologises for divisive comments

Embattled diplomat George Ayisi Boateng has unreservedly retracted and apologized for his unfortunate comment that has gotten the media boiling.

In a statement, the beleaguered High Commissioner to South Africa said his comments were “unfortunate” and undiplomatic.

George Ayisi Boateng made the headlines for saying he would prioritize the interest of NPP supporters over and above any other Ghanaian.

Mr Boateng is reported to have told members of the Tertiary Students’ Confederacy Network (TESCON) “This government is doing its best to create job opportunities and me for instance, I told my people over there [that] it is because of NPP that I’m here so the NPP man is my priority. I told them when NDC was in power it was Kwesi Ahwoi who was there, now we are in power, so Ayisi-Boateng is here with you. My topmost priority is the problems of an NPP person before any other Ghanaian, take it or leave it” he said.

“Indeed I’m not boasting but I’ve started meeting the NPP groups. Every weekend I meet some group members and I tell you if I had my way, every job opportunity that will come will go to a TESCON member before any other person. And I know my colleague appointees also have the same feeling except that because of IMF we cannot do anything now…”

His comments did not go down well with a number of Ghanaians, most of whom have been vehement in demanding a retraction and apology.

But the Ghana High Commissioner to South Africa appeared unfazed and was reported to have repeated his belligerent stance when he met another NPP group.

Source: otecfmghana.com


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