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Police officer in Konongo slaps taxi driver for refusing to pay bribe

Police in Konongo have allegedly assaulted a commercial driver slapping him several times and beating him with batons for refusing  give him (Police Officer) money.

The also threw him in Police cells after his unfair beating. Matthew Boamah tells otecnews a taxi run over his toe.

When he complained to the taxi driver about what he had done, a passenger in the taxi retorted; a thing that annoyed him and caused him to respond.

The passenger got out and engaged him in a scuffle and then left the scene. He returned with a police man dressed with a helmet on. The Policeman supervised a further beat down of this young man after which he tried to cuff him.

The embattled young man tried to explain what had happened to the Police man but he would not listen.

He swept him off his feet, cuffed him and dragged him to the Konongo Police Station. He recounts that no statement was taken, no one listened to him. The driver who had run him over was gone.

“The Policemen at the station took turns slapping me and beating me with batons until I had marks and redish coloration all around my back and elbow areas.

They then threw me in the cells”. Matthew Boamah recounts the incident occurred around 7pm and he was only released between the hours of 10 and 11 pm after being forced to pay 100 cedis to “bail himself”.

He says the Police also took 20 cedis from money he had on him for his sales.

No one has heard him and nothing was asked of the culprits.  The young man who felt his rights had been violated rushed to Otecnews to seek advise.


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