Scrap 6 ministerial positions – ASEPA

The Alliance for Social Equity & Public Accountability (ASEPA) has advised government to scrap six ministerial positions after its assessment of the various ministries and ministers.

ASEPA said the six portfolios in question recorded a lower viability score based on their assessment and should be removed.

The offices are the Minister for Special Development Initiative, Minister for Business Development, Minister for Planning, Minister for Inner city and Zongo development, Minister of State at the Presidency (in charge of Agriculture) and Minister for Regional Reorganisation.

ASEPA also recommended that some ministries should be merged to form one ministry with specified deputies.

These include:

Ministry of Transport

Minister for Transport
Deputy Minister (in charge of Aviation)
Deputy Minister (in charge of Railways Development)
Deputy Minister (in charge of Ports and Harbour)
Deputy Minister (in charge of Roads and Highways).

Minister for National Security should be put under Ministry of interior as a deputy Minister role.

Ministry of Interior

Minister for Interior
Deputy Minister (in Charge of National Security)
Deputy Minister (in charge of General Interior.)

Ministry for Local Government and Rural Development

Minister for Local Government and Rural development.
Deputy Minister (in charge of regional reorganisation).
Deputy Minister (in charge of General Affairs).

Ministry of Finance

Minister for Finance & Economic Planning
Deputy Minister for Finance (In charge of Procurement)
Deputy for Finance (In charge of General Finance)

Ministry of Works and Housing

Minister for Works and Housing
Deputy Minister (In charge Works and Housing)
Deputy Minister (In charge of Water and Sanitation)

ASEPA said the Regional Reorganisation should be put under the Ministry of Local Government as a deputy ministerial role.

Additionally, ASEPA also recommended that the Minister of state at the Presidency in charge of Procurement should also be put under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

Furthermore, ASEPA wants the Ministry of water resources and Sanitation to be put under the Ministry of Works and Housing.

The quasi survey forms part of ASEPA’s measures to provide government with information on the performance of key ministries and ministers from the public perspective and also direct the path of government in rationing and reforming relevant ministries to attain optimum performance that translates into socio economic development and also satisfy the public’s interest.
The research was conducted in two forms.

ASEPA’s official tracking, monitoring and evaluation of the key ministries and ministers for a period of 12 months (February 2017 to January 2018) which was done quantitatively by a team of policy analysts numbering up to 10.

Key areas were provided to these analysts and were made to score the various ministries on a scale of 0-100 and that served as the control test and formed the basis for the Public survey/test to ascertain if the results provided by the policy analysts was a reflection of the public views and perceptions.

Then both scores were put together and averaged to form the basis for the analysis.

Source: classfmonline.com

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