Confusion in NDC deepens as Greater Accra Organizer attacks Mahama’s Appointees


The Greater Accra Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Anthony Nukpenu, has taken Dr. Edward Omane Boamah and Felix Kwarkye-Ofosu to the cleaners, describing them as foolish in the process.

Speaking on Kasapa FM over the hopeless situation the party finds itself in, Nukpenu laid the blame squarely at the doorsteps of Omane-Boamah and his deputy, Kwarkye-Ofosu. The regional organizer minced no words as he described the duo as not fit for purpose.

“The kind of managers that we had in government who would not see wisdom in making communication prudent’ the kind of foolish managers in communication in government”

When asked if he was referring to Edward Omane-Boamah and Felix Kwarkye-Ofosu, the then Minister and Deputy Minister for Communications, angry Nukpenu said that he didn’t care a hoot who they were, and that they were largely responsible for the predicament of the party.

According to Mr. Nukpenu, lots of things were hidden from the general public and even members of the NDC. He believes the NPP is reaping from the sweat of the Mahama administration simply because Omane-Boamah and Kwarkye-Ofosu had hijacked everything.

Continuing, maverick Nukpenu remorselessly said

“Excuse my language, the foolish things they did in government that have given the NPP the urge to run after every good thing that the finest president of the land has done, and the people he trusted and put in positions to help propagate his good works, they failed”.

The regional executive could not fathom why the dozens of tons of Green Books would still be lying in people’s bedrooms and warehouses and were being treated like cocaine when they were meant to be distributed to the general public.

In his concluding remarks, Anthony Nukpenu would unmercifully descend on Mahama’s appointees who, he opined, let him down.

“This kind of foolish attitude of ministers of state who the president out of good heart and wisdom, put in positions, refused to allow him (Prez. Mahama) to go and commission a project undertaken by TDC. They think they were gods! Nonsense!”

Similar sentiments have been expressed by some party communicators who hold the view that Mahama’s ill-fated exit was spearheaded by Dr. Edward Omane-Boamah and Felix Kwarkye-Ofosu.

Source: PK.Sarpong, Writer at the Communications Bureau, Flagstaff House,  Accra



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