Farmers cutting down cocoa trees; replacing them with rubber plantations


Some concerned cocoa farming associations in Ghana have called on the government to pay keen attention to farmers who are cutting down their cocoa farms for rubber plantation benefits.

The executive secretary of Licensed Cocoa Buyers Association, Mr Lawrence Botwe, in an interview with newsmen described the situation as alarming.

According to him, most of the cocoa farmers are indulging in the act for lucrative purposes and also blame the government for neglecting their needs when it comes to Cocoa farming.

 “It is worrying. They claim the money comes in quick. We know its money motivating them. We need to stop looking for quick monies to save our heritage”, he said.

He also noted that, Cocoa farming has supported COCOBOD on several occasions to secure scholarships, construct dams among other amenities needed in the society hence he cannot fathom why authorities will remain silent on the situation.

“I am not saying the rubber isn’t good but the land we are using for the rubber is the issue. When you plant rubber you can’t plant any other tree or crop. With cocoa, you can farm other plants too. If we keep on planting rubbers we will lose all our foodstuffs…” he told host Kofi Adoma.

Meanwhile, other concerned patriots also registered their displeasure towards the emergence of these rubber plantation business booming in the Eastern and Western regions of the country.

“It is booming in the Western and Eastern region. I know a lot of Cocoa farmers cutting down their trees for the business. If we continue, where will COCOBOD get funds to implement their schemes” Patrick Owusu said.

According to Nana Oboadi3 Bonsu of the Concerned Farmers Association in Ghana, he believes laws should be set to prevent Cocoa farmers from cutting down trees since they collect seedlings from the government.

“We want the parliamentarians to set laws that will prevent farmers from cutting down trees unless they are infested sick. Some of them are business men not farmers. Cocoa farmers need support from the government…” he said.

Source: Ghana | Adomonline.



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