Drivers of Ghana’s MPs petition leadership over meagre salary


Drivers of Ghanaian Members of Parliament (MPs) are demanding an increase in their salaries, which they described as ‘meagre’.

The drivers also want their Social Security to be paid on their GHC 400 monthly salaries to secure their future.

A copy of a letter petitioning the Leadership of Parliament and sighted by the said they have been compelled to make the issue public because their salaries have not seen any improvement for almost six years even though MPs have had several salary adjustments within the period.

“In this day Ghana, collecting salaries between GHC300.00 and GHC500 a month is very bad. What can that small money cater for in this modern day economy? We are not fighting with them, we are begging them that they should increase the salaries for us,” the letter pleaded.

“In spite of all the risks involved in driving, our SSNIT contributions are not paid to secure our future, a situation we find it unfortunate, coming from Legislators who should have known better” the letter added.

Most of them are not happy with the condition in which they find themselves but because there’s no job they’ve decided to manage it while looking for another with a good salary to cater for their families.

The most annoying part is that the MP’s and their lavish V8 cars have been insured comprehensively while their drivers are left to their fate when the unfortunate incident happens meanwhile our Members of Parliament know better, but nothing is done about it despite several complaints at personal levels with their bosses.

They are also demanding allowances on Public Holidays, Collective Bargaining Agreement, Exposure to imminent Risk and Hazards among other things.

Read the petition Below

Source: Ghana/ Antwi Boasiako


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