Democrat Union of Africa Commend New Leadership

The Democrat Union of Africa has elected new leadership and commend the distinguished individuals who were elected to various positions of the union at its virtual meeting held on 25th September, 2020. The election of the honourable individuals from member countries of the union, is a testimony of the preparedness to strengthen democratic governance in Africa. The new leadership is composed of people with rich experience in governance and politics. The new distinguished persons, the positions elected to, and the political parties they represent are as follows:

  1. Mr. McHENRY Venaani
    PDM Namibia
  2. Mr. John Boadu
    Deputy Chairman
    General Secretary
    New Patriotic Party, Accra
  3. Mr. Rahhal El Makkaoui
    Vice Chairman (Northern Africa)
    Istiqal Party, Morocco
  4. Mr. Nick Salat
    Vice Chairman (Eastern Africa)
    KANU, Kenya
  5. Hon. Maditso Kazombo
    Vice Chairaman (Southern Africa)
    MCP, Malawi
  6. Dr. Emmanuel Agbo
    Vice Chairman (Western Africa)
    PDP Nigeria
  7. Mr. Nobert Mao
    Secretary General
    DP Uganda
  8. Hon. Narend Singh
    IFP South Africa
  9. DUA Secretariat
    Mr. Emmanuel Attafuah-Danso
    Director of International Affairs
    New Patriotic Party, Accra

DUA congratulates the Chairman of the union, Mr. McHenry Venaani for his dedicated service which culminated in his reelection. The union is pleased with his stewardship and the direction being given to cement its influence in shaping the political future of African democratic governance. .

The union is also grateful to H. E. Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo, President of the republic of Ghana, for graciously accepting to continue to serve as a patron of the union. His leadership style, support and inspiration to the members and partners of the union, remains a driving force to achieve our goals. Mr. Peter Mac Manu (an election expert) , a former chairman of DUA, also deserve commendation for his support and commitment to serve the union.

The Democrat Union of Africa takes the opportunity to wish the new leaders well believing that their rich experience will impact the activities of the union. The union is confident in the capabilities of the leadership to lead it to become a force to reckon with and make it a important ideological block in Africa.

DUA Secretariat
NPP HQ-Accra

Source: Ghana/otecfmghana.com

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