Former Techiman North DCE loses father

Abusuapanin Kwaku Num, father of a former Municipal Chief Executive Officer for Techiman North, Hon Peter Mensah   has passed on.

He died while receiving treatment at Techiman Holy Family Hospital on January 10, 2023, at age 105.

Speaking to the OTEC News reporter Jacob Agyenim Boateng on the funeral rites, Hon Peter Mensah said the final funeral rites  is scheduled to take place on Saturday August 12,, 2023 at Tuobodom in the Bono East Region.

Abusuapanin Kwaku Num until his demise was the owner of California Motel at Tuobodom, he left behind a wife, 28 children and fifty-four grandchildren.

He was known  to be an astude farmer and went on to win best farmer awards in his District.

A short tribute from the family said they were saddened with the passing of their beloved father.

“With grief, the family has lost a caring and reliable soul, Kwaku, may your soul rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ “. The tribute said.


Death is inevitable

An oak tree we used to rely on for sociological comfort has been pulled down

The relevance of this cannot be discounted

Our cherished soul is gone

Kwaku, we heighten our soaked tongues to proclaim your goodness

Brother, grandfather, uncle, great-grandfather, why

Why this gloomy step

Why set leap for sniveling and groaning of teeth

In your absence, howling and clenching of teeth have become our delicacies

Out of this elegy, it is appropriate to present a brief biography of the late Opanin Kwaku Num.

The late Opanin Kwaku Num was born in 1921 at Tuobodom, a farming community in Techiman Municipality. His parents were Nana Yaw Benuah, Akwamuhene of Tuobodom and Maame Afia Amobea from Tuobodom Adonten Family.

Considering the benefits of formal education, the late Kwaku Num schooled up to certain level. His inability to continue his education was attributed to some emergency reasons impeding the socio-economic progress of his parents.

Poised to make life, he joined his two uncles, Nana Kwabena Owusu and Nana Yaw Adjei for farming activities at Krobaase.This lasted for few years. He returned to Tuobodom at age 25, lured his three friends to Cape Coast for greener pastures. The trio found driving as lucrative venture at Cape Coast hence their active involvement. 

Nana Kwaku as astute person soon became independent. He often drove to Northern, Upper East and West Regions specifically, Tamale, Bolgatanga, Wa, Laura, Namdom, Hamile and other neighbouring communities. He gained a lot from the driving work. This was attributed to the profitable nature of the Techiman market.  

The driving work declined sharply. In view of that, he decided to lookout for additional area worth relying on. He then went into tree plantation, crop farming and citrus farming in addition to his main occupation. As a moonlighter, he managed to take good care of his nuclear and extend families.

Due to his tolerance, sympathy and perseverance, he managed to win the hearts of most of his customers. Most of the women (traders) were comfortable to patronize his cargo truck for their commercial activities.

He invested much into farming and soon became one of the recognized farmers in Techiman, Tuobodom and its immediate environs. He was later adjudged best farmer in crop category in Techiman District. People travelled from afar to understudy his farming methods.  

Accordingly, the late Kwaku Manu became a business icon. In his quest to justify that, he extended his tentacles to Bono Manso few distance away from Tuobodom. He went back to Tuobodom to resettle. At Tuobodom, he put up a motel (California motel).

He finally settled permanently at Dwenewoho, a village close to Tuobodom where he passed away after a short illness.

He married four wives. Before his demise only one of the stipulated number was with him as a wife. The rest had earlier gone their separate ways due to separation. He left behind twenty-eight (28) children and fifty-four grandchildren.

Already, the late Opanin Kwaku Num’s parents had passed away.

With grief, the family has lost a caring and reliable soul.

Kwaku, may your soul rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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