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Man allegedly kills brother over GH¢10 after heated argument

Man,50 allegedly kills brother over GH¢10 after heated argument

In a tragic incident in Kuano in the Eastern Region, two brothers, Moses Tetteh, 50 years old and Tetteh Kwaku, 48 years old, were involved in a deadly fight that ended in the death of the younger sibling, Tetteh Kwaku.

The dispute reportedly revolved around a missing GH¢10, and the siblings’ excessive drinking habits only exacerbated the situation.

According to a UTV news report, the two brothers were known to be heavy drinkers, and their drunkenness often led to confrontations.

On one of the days, Tetteh Kwaku discovered that his GH¢10 was missing. Immediately, he suspected that his elder brother, Moses, had taken it.

In response to his suspicions, Tetteh Kwaku picked up a cutlass, convinced that Moses was the culprit. He accused his brother of stealing the money, which quickly escalated into a physical fight. Even the intervention of their parents failed to control the heated dispute.

During the brawl, Tetteh Kwaku used the cutlass in his possession to inflict several wounds on his brother. In self-defence, Moses grabbed a nearby fufu pestle and struck Tetteh Kwaku on the neck and jaw. The altercation only ended when Tetteh Kwaku fell unconscious.

The eyewitnesses rushed Tetteh Kwaku to the hospital. Tragically, he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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