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Old Vandals Association accuses UG management of deliberate vindictiveness against affiliates of Commonwealth Hall

The rift between the Old Vandals Association (OVA) and the management of the University of Ghana continues to deepen as the former accuses the latter of a deep-seated hatred against affiliates of the Commonwealth Hall.

The two stakeholders of Ghana’s premier university for some time now have been engaged in both verbal and legal tussles over some decisions of the management with respect to students’ accommodation, and disciplinary measures among others.

The Old Vandals describe the actions of the university concerning these matters as unjust and vindictive hence have taken legal action against the management.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday to address the issues causing the rift between the two stakeholders, the National President of the Old Vandals Association, Isaac Nketia Sarpong cited a number of actions of the university management which they describe as a calculated attempt to gag the Commonwealth Hall.

According to Isaac Nketia Sarpong, the decision of the University’s management to halt the construction of the Vandal City Annex spearheaded by the Old VANDALS Association to help deal with the perennial accommodation crisis cannot be fathomed.

He added that the university management on several occasions has perpetuated brutalities on innocent students of Commonwealth Hall through the police without any justifiable reasons except the use of what they describe as a misconceived rift between Vandals and Sarbah Hall as a smokescreen.

He further stated that despite the numerous contributions of the Old Vandals to the development of the hall, the management of the university has banned them from entering the hall.

Based on these and other actions of the current management of the university, the Old Vandals believe there is an attempt to institutionalize vindictiveness, tyranny and autocracy in Ghana’s premier university spearheaded by the current management.

“The Hill of Knowledge – of which we are proud alumni, is threatened by the continuous promotion of tyranny, autocracy and administrative arbitrariness at the heart of decision-making. The voices of students through NUGS, SRC, and JCR systems that hitherto served as incubation centres for national leaders have now been rendered moribund. As to what the motive of the current crop leaders at the university is, only time will tell,” the National President of the Old Vandals noted.

He continued, “We cannot sit on the fence to see many decades of toil that built the University of Ghana to be destroyed by the serial administrative decisions that lack logic, reason and good conscience to the satisfaction of the egos of people in charge of administration today.

“It is in this spirit that we sought refuge in the courts. Our faith in the judiciary never wavers and we shall continue to use all legitimate tools at our disposal to ensure the return of the rule of law to the campus of the University of Ghana”

Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Nana Aba Appiah Amfo says the Old Vandals Association cannot determine for the university authorities how the various halls should be managed.

Speaking in an earlier interview with JoyNews’ Blessed Sogah, she explained that there are channels for old students to make suggestions and contributions towards the development of the university, however, insisted that they cannot dictate for management how the halls within the school should be managed

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