MTN Ghana celebrates Ghana’s dreams, progress and aspirations

In celebration of Ghana’s 67th Independence Day, MTN Ghana has launched a campaign called “Still Ghana Go Be” to honor Ghanaian culture and commemorate the nation’s progress since gaining independence. The campaign includes television commercials that aim to inspire unity, purpose, and optimism for the future.

Commenting on the campaign, Noel Kojo-Ganson, MTN Ghana’s Chief Commercial Officer, said, “this campaign goes beyond the celebration of independence. It serves as a rallying call for a brighter and more progressive future. MTN Ghana is committed to leading Ghana’s progress through digital solutions, connecting with the aspirations and dreams of Ghanaians to foster unity and inspire optimism.”

MTN Ghana strongly believes in the transformative power of connectivity and is dedicated to actively contributing to positive change in the country. The “Still Ghana Go Be” campaign is currently being broadcast on various television stations and social media platforms.

MTN Ghana warmly invites everyone to participate in the “Still Ghana Go Be” campaign and celebrate Ghana’s remarkable journey while paving the way for a future filled with limitless possibilities.

MTN Ghana encourages all Ghanaians to join the online conversation and share their thoughts using the hashtag #StillGhanaGoBe!

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