We’ll go after all parliamentary seats in 2024 — Bono East NPP Chairman

Chairman Ibrahim Baba Bukari aka ‘ The Game Changer’ Bono East Regional Chairman for NPP

The Bono East Regional Chairman for the ruling of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Chairman Ibrahim Baba Bukari popularly known as ‘ The Game Changer’ has stated that the party is bent on leaving the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) without a single parliamentary seat in the region.

According to ‘Game Changer’ the NPP is working very hard to claim all the 11 parliamentary seats region in the  2024 general elections  adding  that  the 3 seats the party currently occupies in the region in not enough.

Speaking on Techiman Based private radio station, Radio Link on Monday March 25, 2024, Chairman Ibrahim Baba Bukari explained that every seat was important to the party going into the next general election, noting “we are battle-ready and not leaving any stone unturned to wrest some of the seats from the NDC. I’ve done a scientific research and I can assure you that currently I have 7 constituencies under foot”, he told the programme’s host, Papa Kwame Atoapem.

“For us, we are going for all the parliamentary seats occupied by the NDC, and as such we need to work hard in order to appeal to the electorate to enable the NPP to win more seats in the 2024 general election. All seats are winnable, I’m targeting all the 11 seats but at least 7 of them should be won by NPP,” The Game Changer’ stated.

“We have only 3 seats, NDC have 8 seats, but at least we should   win 7 of them. We will do our best to enable the party to win more seats and increase the presidential votes in the Region”, he added.

He delivered a rallying call for unity and action against apathy within the party, emphasizing that these factors are crucial for securing victory in the upcoming 2024 elections.

He noted that unity, harmony and hard work are the best strategic ways to recapture lost parliamentary seats in Election 2024. He stressed  that the leadership and the rank and file of the party must also work in peace and in cohesion and not be complacent to achieve the feat to enable the party retain power in the next general election.

Chairman Ibrahim Baba Bukari admonished party members to unite adding that fostering unity will make our targets more achievable. ‘We are battle-ready and not leaving any stone unturned to wrest some of the seats from the NDC, what’s importance now  is building a strong and formidable united front without rancor and acrimonies ”.

He gave assurance of galvanizing both material and human resources aimed at resourcing the various constituencies to prosecute an efficient and effective campaign in 2024.

The Game Changer urged unsuccessful candidates in their bid to lead the party in all the  constituencies to avoid the tendency of abandoning the party, stressing that “the tendency of party members losing in the primaries and moving away should be avoided to brighten the party’s chances of retaining power in 2024”

Source: Ghana.otecfmghana.com

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