Let’s save Funny Face and bring him back to showbiz – COKA to Ghanaians, Entertainment industry

Renowned politician Odeneho Kwaku Appiah, also known as Coka, has expressed his concerns regarding the recent public criticism directed towards comedian Funny Face following his involvement in a motor accident.

Recall that, Funny Face was detained in police custody for two weeks after being involved in a car accident on Sunday, March 24, 2023, at Kasoa, Kakraba Junction, around 8 PM.

After the accident, many entertainment pundits and social media users criticized Funny Face for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and being reckless.

In response to the public and social media backlash, the former Afigya Kwabere NPP chairman took to his Facebook page to sympathise with Funny Face, stating that he is a valuable asset to Ghana’s entertainment industry and should be treated with care.

Coka emphasized that despite the accident being caused by Funny Face, Ghanaians should support him rather than crush his dreams.

“I got shocked when l saw this picture on social media. Ghana entertainment industry, pastors, and others let us help not to kill his dream because he is an asset to Ghana entertainment industry.”

Coka emphasized that the well-known comedian requires both physical and emotional assistance to overcome the challenges he is currently confronting.

He urged Ghanaians to offer their support to him, rather than waiting for his demise and then composing lengthy tributes in his honour.

“Don’t let him die before we write long tributes about him. There is always a second chance in life so Ghana’s entertainment industry please let’s help bring Funny Face back to the industry. It is not too late. The entertainment show hosts, please don’t ignore him, he needs care, love and invite him to your showbiz programs.”

He advised Funny Face to behave well if he successfully overcomes his trials.

“Funny face, when there is life, there is hope and remembers we still love you so do not mess up.” Coka posted.

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