Constitutional Review Committee proposes cap on MPs and ministers

The Constitutional Review Consultative Committee established by the government has proposed that the size of Parliament be capped.

The committee argues that there must be consequential amendments to Article 93 to ensure that Parliament consists of not more than 277 elected Members.

The committee believes that such a move would see consequential amendments to Article 47 to ensure that Ghana is divided into as many constituencies for the purpose of election of MPs as the Electoral Commission (EC) may prescribe how so but the number of constituencies shall not exceed 277.

This was disclosed during a stakeholders’ consultation for possible review of the 1992 constitution in Parliament in Accra on Thursday.

The committee also recommended that the size of government be capped and the privilege to appoint Deputy Ministers be expunged.

It argues that the position of Regional Ministers should be abolished similar to Deputy Ministerial positions.

The committee said the President shall appoint as many Ministers of State as may be necessary for the efficient running of the state. However, the number of Ministers shall not exceed 25.

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