KNUST VC term extension bid hangs in the balance as Council meets Thursday for determination

Professor Mrs Rita Akosua Dickson, Vice-Chancellor of KNUST

The fate of the Vice Chancellor (VC) of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Prof Mrs Rita Akosua Dickson whose desire to have a two year extension, hangs in the balance, as the governing council meets on Thursday to discuss and make a final determination on the matter.

The eleven member council, our source says would put the matter to a vote when it becomes apparent that  consensus cannot be found on the matter.

Our source says out of the 11 members who have voting rights, six (6) are not in favour of the extension due to some pronouncements they are alleged to have made.

These “gang of six”, are reported to be against the extension so that they can work to get their protégé, Prof Ellis Owusu-Dabo a chance as VC after Prof Rita Dickson’s exit.

Controversies and Plot:

In a twist of events, Prof Ellis Dabo, the Pro-VC who gained his current status through the goodwill of Prof Dickson having contested each other to become VC almost 4 years ago.

However it seems Prof Owusu-Dabo has worked underground against his benefactor and first female VC, Prof Rita Dickson and want to succeed her no matter how foul things turn out.

The Pro-VC, our souce claims, has pulled strings from all corners to ensure he is made VC before he retires despite knowing that his current age of 56 would not allow him that luxury.

The source said the six (6) council members have so far bought into Prof Owusu-Dabo’s desire and are bent on using both conventional or unconventional ways to help him have a taste as VC of the prestigious KNUST before he retires.


Now the plot, according to our source is to hand over the acting VC capacity to Prof Dabo if the vote against the extension of Prof Dickson goes through as they anticipate.

This, the six (6) feel would allow Prof Owusu-Dabo to have an easy way to become substantive VC since while acting as VC they would not need to advertise the VC position as stipulated in the Constitution of the university for others to put in a bid.


Meanwhile, the plot as has been hatched would face the test of the KNUST Constitution which clearly states the VC should have the age that would enable him or her to serve a full 4 year term.

Currently, the Pro-VC’s term ends in October, 2024 and by virtue of that his current age of 56 would not qualify him to seek the substantive position as VC.

There is therefore some machinations to work something out for him using an unconventional mode but our source says a member of the KNUST Alumni plans to take the university to court and expose the wicked agenda of some of the council members if they decide to attempt that coup d’etat for Prof Owusu-Dabo.


Our source disclosed that a former governing council chair and Chief has been clandestinely plotting against Prof Dickson’s extension.

Furthermore, the two other council members, the source indicated have at separate conversations swore to vote against Prof Dickson because she failed to advance to them some protocol contracts and niceties.


Prof Mrs Rita Akosua Dickson, current VC of KNUST would finish her official 4 year mandate on August 1, 2024.

Having noticed this, she put in an intention to seek a further two years since she is within the age limit that qualifies her to ask for an extension.

Prof Dickson is 54 years and has dutifully put an application for extension before the governing council.

Upon approval, she can do another two years in addition to the four years she is finishing.

Approval Ratings:

According to a source to the evaluation committee that was set up to scrutinise the extension application, persons who appeared scored Prof Dickson high marks.

The source said they approved the VC’s general performance.

Others also praised her administrative style and the SRC members also attested to her diligence and competence.

Council Chairman:

Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, former Cjief Justice is expected to chair Thursday’s Council Meeting.

In a conversation with the University Relations Officer (URO) recently, Dr Norris Bekoe confirmed that the Council Chair is a firm practitioner of rule of law.

He told this reporter that he will not be surprised that Thursday’s meeting will come to a vote to determine the fate of Prof Rita Akosua Dickson.

More revelations to follow!

Source: Ghana/ Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi.

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