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KNUST Vice Chancellor, Rita Akosua Dickson Gets Mandate Extension

Prof Mrs Rita Akosua Dickson, Vice Chancellor of KNUST

Prof Mrs Rita Akosua Dickson, Vice Chancellor at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) on Thursday afternoon got an extension to her term.

She would now do additional two years and complete her tenure on 31st July, 2026.

At a highly charged atmosphere on Thursday, members of the KNUST Governing Council met to decide on her application for mandate extension. 

By a unanimous decision, the Council approved the extension and gave the first female VC a further two years to continue her work.

The verdict was arrived at after the Board’s perusal of the report from the Evaluation Committee that was put together to assess the performance and conduct of the VC as her 4 year mandate draws to a close on 1st August, 2024.


Professor Mrs Rita Akosua Dickson won a hotly contested race to become VC of the famous KNUST in the year 2020.

Showing magnanimity in victory, the VC appointed her competitor, Prof Ellis Owusu-Dabo as Pro-Vice Chancellor.

Having served with grace and candour the lady Professor decided to seek for an extension as her age allowed.

An evaluation committee was therefore set up to validate her application for extension. 


However despite scoring high marks from persons who appeared before the commitee, there were speculations some members of the Governing Council were against the extension being sought.

With some unfathomable reasons from about six persons, a source said these would vote against the VC when it came to voting.

But today after several hours of deliberations, the Governing Council has dutifully given the green light to the calm and competent VC to continue her work for another two years.

Source: Ghana/ Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Kumasi. 

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