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AG can’t withhold salaries – State Attorneys


The National President of the Association of State Attorneys has responded to the Attorney General (AG), saying she has no right to withhold their salaries.
The Association declared a strike in protest of government’s failure to meet their demands for improved conditions of services last week.

But the Attorney-General ordered the Association to resume work on Friday October 21, or lose their salaries.

However in an interview with OTEC NEWS the National President of the Association, Francisca Tete Mensah defied the AG’s orders, threatening a legal suit against her.

“We are on strike because the 7 days notice we gave is due. We are not moved…In any case the Attorney General does not have the capacity in this case because the Attorney General is the first respondent, she has not done what she has to do and she does not have the capacity because we are exercising our right.

“If she touches our salary, we will apply the law the against her because it is a criminal offence not pay workers their pension. People have gone to prison for not paying pension but since we cannot send her to court or apply sub sanctions against her, we are only exercising our rights.”


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