Breman Chief endorses Mahama again in A/R

According to him, the President’s performance in his first term in office is highly commendable with the level of infrastructural development he’s ensured across the country and especially in his Breman and surrounding areas.

The Chief first predicted a massive win for President Mahama in 2014, an act that brought him under attack from a section of the public, who condemned him for doing party politics which is in violation of the national constitution.

Addressing a gathering on Tuesday, during President Mahama’s tour of the area as part of the Regional tour of the Ashanti Region, Baffour Kotei Kutin Sraman disagreed with assertions that he’s doing politics, adding that he’s just being honest and acknowledging the good works of the President.

“I’m saying it again today, God has given President Mahama to Ghana as gift, he’s yet to conclude the work entrusted into his hands by God, while he’s at it, there’s no need to change him. Let’s ask God to grant him long life, and good health so that he can continue with his good works. My brothers and sisters please think deeply about what I’ve just told you.”

He added: Look at how he’s developed the country, the roads and flyovers, in Accra and even here…Sofoline interchange, if you talk about it, critics claim funds were secured for the projects before he came to power. Let me tell you, there was no funds anywhere for him to work with. Asantehene has cautioned us not to do party politics, but all we want from any government is development, and we are saying it now under John Mahama so we need to support him. We declare today that we fully support President Mahama for the coming elections. Victory will certainly be his.”

Source:otecfm102.9,Kumasi;Kwame Owusu Achiaw.

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