PNC errors jump from 4 to 303


Mr Edward Mahama PNC

Mistakes identified in the People’s National Convention’s presidential nomination forms have risen from four to 303, the party’s presidential candidate has revealed.

Mr Edward Mahama in an interview on Joy News Super Morning Show said he is baffled at the development and has no idea what the Electoral Commission (EC) is up to.

“The mistakes were four, but now they are saying it is 303,” Mr Mahama disclosed.

Mr. Mahama’s errors according to the EC include the two signatures of persons who signed for the PNC and another political party, an act that infringes on Public Regulations on Elections (CI 94)

But Mahama has challenged that earlier claims by the EC that two persons who signed the nomination forms are untrue.
Charlotte Osei

According to him, if they were true then the EC should have used the oppotunity to cross-examine them when they came to Accra.

He said these two people have sworn an affidavit proving that they signed for only the PNC and “they have been in Accra and in court but the EC lawyers have not cross examined them.”

With these two persons, back in their constituency, Mr Mahama is questioning how the EC expects them to return to Accra and assist in the necessary corrections before close of day Tuesday.

Several political parties are struggling to meet a 24 hour deadline set by the Supreme Court in its orders to the EC to allow 12 disqualified presidential candidates to correct their mistakes.

Their mistakes, according to the EC merited their disqualification announced last month. The EC at a press conference in October revealed the specific errors that flouted the Public Elections Regulations (CI 94).

For the PNC, the EC said it has identified four mistakes, including an accusation that two people who signed the forms, did same for another political party.

The party, unhappy with the development proceeded to court to challenge their disqualification.

The Supreme Court had to finally settle the matter by asking the EC to allow the candidates to make corrections within 24 hours.

The PNC is not the only party whose errors have increased. The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) which had only one infraction before the Supreme Court order has been informed of an increase to 105.

Hassan Ayariga’s All People’s Congress, now has to correct 95 errors from the previous two.


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