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Striking SA threaten to sue Labour Commission


State attorneys are accusing government and the Labour Commission of perpetuating an illegality against them.

The attorneys have been on strike since the 20th of October 2016 over what they say is the failure of the Ministry of Finance, the Justice and Attorney General’s Department and the Fair Wages and Salary Commission to implement directives of the National Labour Commission.

They want improved conditions of service which include the provision of vehicles, harmonized salaries, sustainable pension schemes and logistical support.

President of the Association of State Attorneys Francisca Tete Mensah threatened members would also sue the NLC for failing to enforce its own directives,she made this known to OTEC NEWS’ Kwame Owusu Achiaw.

“We are talking about legal issues of the enforcement of an award that has been given after a compulsory arbitration by Labour Commission.

“…The law under labour act states that such a decision is final and binding. Per Section 172 of the Labour Act, Labour Commission is mandated by law to enforce its own award in the court of law.

“Labour Commission cannot do anything about it but to enforce it and Labour Commission can be sent to court.

She said the first line of action is to withdraw their services which they have done and the second line of action is to send the Commission to court in line with Article 33 of the Constitution of Ghana.

The Labour Commission has failed us, has failed Ghanaians. The withdrawal of our services will affect many and if they were up and doing with their duty, we wouldn’t have been on strike.

The award was given in September 2015 by the Commission is yet to implement its own laws.

Source:otecfm102.9,Kumasi;story by Kwame Owusu Achiaw.

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