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6year old beheaded at Ejisu (PHOTOS)

A 6year old boy has been gruesomely beheaded by an ex-convict at Ejisu-Krapa in the Ashanti region.

The victim,identified as 6year old Aduomi was beheaded by 32year old ex-convict, Kwabena Pinto who sells coconut in the area.

Residents say, the suspect is violent and mentally unstable, a condition he has lived with for many years in the same area.

Eyewitnesses say, the incident happened around 5:30pm Saturday, when a bunch of kids including the victim Aduomi, were fetching water at a nearby tap.

The kids saw Kwabena Pinto walking by and begun to chant his name which he responded gracefully by waving his hands in the air severally.

Little did the kids know that their chants had angered the mentally unstable Kwabena Pinto who rushed into his room, grabbed a very sharp machete, attacked the kids and ended up beheading 6year old Aduomi.

The suspect, jumped into a taxi to escape being lynched by a mob of angry youth and gave himself up to the Ejisu Police.

The police have since detained the suspect, Kwabena Pinto and promised to make him face the full rigor of the law.



Source: Otecfmghana

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