Apologise for being selfish – A Plus

a-plus-nana-addoRapper Kwame Asare Obeng know in showbiz circles as A Plus has charged his colleagues who endorsed president Mahama and the NDC to apologize to Ghanaians for being selfish.
According to him, his colleagues clearly exhibited their selfishness when they decided to join the NDC and John Mahama’s campaign despite the economic hardships their fans and Ghanaians were facing.

Speaking to OneCharles on Otec FM’s Anokyekrom, A Plus noted that the only way to foster unity in the creative arts industry after the vilification that characterized the campaign period is for those who supported the NDC to come out and apologize for seeking their own interest as against the interest of Ghanaians and the industry.
“My colleagues were aware that the NDC was deceiving and making life unbearable for Ghanaians, yet they chose to support them because they wanted to fill their bellies……they are selfish and very dishonest.” he asserted.

A Plus explained that he was sure Nana Akufo-Addo was going to win the 2016 elections but he never imagined it to be this massive. “I knew Nana was going to win….that is why I bought my new car weeks before the elections so people would not think I acquired it from Nana after his victory” he added.

Commenting on why he decided to go live on Facebook during voting, as against the directives of the electoral commission, he explained that he wanted Ghanaians to know that he would not be part of the of the people who made the regrettable mistake of voting to maintain the bad government of the NDC under President Mahama.

A plus is a rapper with keen interest in politics and social issues and is best described as Ghana’s politically incorrect artist. He has many songs to his credit including freedom of speech, “Agye gon”, letter to parliament, “asem kese”, “aben b3 bom” and recently “mmoay3 late”.

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