Too much comedy collapsed our movies – Asare Bediako


Actor and movie director, Kwadwo Asare Bediako has attributed the collapse of the movie industry to the production of too much comedy content.

Speaking to OneCharles on Otec FM’s Anokyekrom, Asare Bediako explained that directors and producers allowed comic actors to dominate the scene which resulted in the sideline and neglect of other actors who were not into comedy.
“That was why I switched from acting to directing” he revealed.
According to him the demand for comedy movies shot up when comic actors dominated the industry resulting in an unusual pressure on the services of those actors who later who begun to order around producers and directors.

Asare Bediako noted that most gifted actors had no choice than to exit the industry because their services were no more needed for their inability to do comedy.

He however charged producers and directors to dictate the pace for the consumers rather than dancing to the tune of the audience who have no technical knowledge about movie making.

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