“I am disappointed” in the twi movies – Miracle films


Movie director and Chief executive of Miracle films, Mr Samuel Nyamekye has expressed disappointment in the local movie industry for failing to improve in quality after a decade of hard word, struggles and experience.

Speaking to OneCharles on Otec FM’s Anokyekrom, Mr Nyamekye explained that every industry including the movie industry is expected to move from a level of struggling to another level of growth but the twi movies have failed to do so after a decade of hard work, struggle and experience.” It is sad we could not improve” he said.
Mr. Nyamekye asserted that movies produced a decade ago are richer in quality compared to the recent ones because of the controlling position attained by actors recently among other reasons.
” The industry has been built around actors who now have an upper hand over most producers because of the demand for them and as such pressurize directors to use few days to work on projects that would require more days hence the jerry-built works we see on our screens”.
He bemoaned the rate at which low quality movies are being produced recently.

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