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Bugri Naabu to donate ‘Mahama’s bribe vehicle’ to charity

The Northern Regional chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party, Daniel Bugri Naabu says he will donate the controversial vehicle he claimed to have received from president John Mahama to charity.

The vehicle he alleged was a bribe  given to him by the ex-president to resign from the party and to malign the then candidate Nana Akufo-Addo.

In an interview with Joy News’ Elton John Brobbey the NPP chair was however silent on what he will do with the alleged Ȼ500,000.00 he claimed to have received from the ex-president as part of the incentive to carry out the plot to embarrass the NPP leader who is now president of Ghana.

On November 29, 2016, eight days to the crucial 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections, the NPP held a press conference, addressed by Mustapha Hamid, during which he accused then president John Mahama and his brother Ibrahim Mahama, of bribing the Northern Regional Chairman of the party to resign from the NPP  and portray him as an ethnic bigot and an anti-northern person.

As part of the plot, Hamid claimed Bugri Naabu, in an October 28, 2016 meeting with the president was promised a brand new V6 Mitsubishi,  a brand new V8 Landcruiser and an amount of ¢3.3 million if he were to play ball.

He alleged that as part of the ex-president’s commitment to following through with the plot gave the NPP chair, a reputable contractor, a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero and an amount of Ȼ500,000.00.


Naabu agreed to go along with the plot and was given the booty only to breach the code of silence and report the case to his party’s flagbearer.

Hamid produced pictures of the vehicle as well as documents covering the vehicle as proof of his allegations.

The documents showed that the vehicle was transferred to Bugri Naabu by Malin Investment, a company owned by Hawa Mahama and Frank Alomasor, personal assistant to the ex-president.

The ex-president is yet to confirm or deny the allegations made against him and his brother.

At a ceremony to announce new Regional Ministers at the Flagstaff House, Bugri Naabu told Elton Brobbey he has decided to give the vehicle to charity.

“I cannot comment much but I think we are going to give it to charity. We are not going to use that car,” he said.

He added that he will work closely with the Northern Region Minister designate to ensure there is peace in the Northern Region.






Source: myjoyonline

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