MPs push for Amidu’s invitation following corruption claims

Former Attorney-General, Martin Amidu, may be dragged before the Privileges Committee of Parliament to answer questions about his claim that the 5th and 6th parliaments were corrupt.

Legislators who feel the allegations cast a slight on their integrity have been
pushing for the outspoken anti-corruption crusader to be invited to provide evidence of his assertion.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Mphohor, Alex Agyekum, who raised the issue on the floor of Parliament Wednesday, says the allegations deserve serious attention.

In his latest write-up on corruption, released onTuesday, Martin Amidu accused the 5th and 6th Parliaments which was dominated by legislators from National Democratic Congress (NDC) of “endemic corruption”.

He said the two previous Parliaments assisted the Executive, led by ex President John Mahama, to steal from the country.

“The partisanship, cronyism, patronage, ethnicity, and endemic corruption of the Looter Governments of the Fifth and Sixth Governments of the Fourth Republic had been allowed by the majority (NDC) to infect the fabric and conduct of Legislative business in the House.

“Corruption became endemically pervasive in the Fifth and Sixth Parliaments because of the deliberate acts of infection by the Presidents and Governments whose members made up the majority in those Parliaments,” Martin Amidu claims.

However, the Mpohor MP says although he admires the bold words, the allegations must be backed by evidence.

“If they say [corruption] has been institutionalized, it is a serious thing. It means that you have virtually formed a cartel,” he said.

He said if the allegations are true then the 7th Parliament must not allow it to continue.

The 6th Parliament was dissolved on the midnight of January 6, 2017, to allow for the start of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) dominated 7th Parliament.



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